How it works

The idea of Mega Syndicate is to create large syndicates of people so that the biggest possible lotto tickets can be purchased in Saturday Lotto to dramatically improve your chances of winning!

A full syndicate of 2,825 people can purchase the biggest system ticket which is a system 20. A system 20 ticket is every possible combination of those 20 numbers, so if the 6 numbers drawn from Saturday Lotto are part of the 20 selected in your syndicate then you are guaranteed a share of the division 1 prize pool! Not only that you'll also win a number of other division prizes because of all the combinations that have been entered.

To purchase a system 20 ticket it costs over $25,000! So it's very difficult for any one individual to purchase, however by creating a full syndicate of people all putting in small amounts of money together it becomes possible!

The way the Mega Syndicate process works is as follows:
    • You register to Mega Syndicate by filling out the required fields on the 'Join' page.
    • Once you have successfully registered you can purchase one or more entries into Mega Syndicate.
    • There is a cutoff of 1pm each Saturday afternoon (NSW time) for people to join in the syndicates. At this point the syndicates will be generated along with their respective numbers to be used in their system tickets.
    • The number and type of system tickets to be purchased within each syndicate is determined by the number of entries in the syndicate. For example, if there were 100 entries in the syndicate Mega Syndicate would purchase 1 x System 12 ticket, 2 x System 10 tickets and 1 x System ticket. Whereas if there were 2,825 entries in the syndicate Mega Syndicate would purchase 1 x System 20 ticket. (For futher details refer to sections 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 of the Terms & Conditions).
    • The system tickets will be purchased through the Lotto provider's website each Saturday afternoon.
    • Following successful purchase of the lotto tickets an email will be sent to you providing confirmation of this (by 5pm Saturday). The confirmation email will detail the number and type of system tickets purchased in your syndicate along with their respective numbers. There will also be screenshots of the official lottery provider's ticket purchase confirmation attached to this email to provide evidence of their purchase.
    • Following the Saturday Lotto draw, a confirmation email will be sent to you by midnight Sunday where your syndicate has had a win. The confirmation email will contain the details of the win including your allocation of the prize money.
    • Your allocation of prize money will be calculated based on the number of people in your syndicate (less a 2% performance fee where a division 1 prize has been won). E.g. Say a $10m Division 1 prize has been won and there were 1000 entries in the syndicate, each owner of an entry would receive just under $10,000
    • Following a win your Mega Syndicate account will be credited with your allocation of the prize money within 24hrs of Mega Syndicate receiving the winnings from the lottery provider. Generally Mega Syndicate will receive the payout from the lottery provider within 48hrs, however for a division 1 or 2 win this may take longer.